About Me

Hi! I'm Calli and this is my husband Dan. We've been happily married since 2008. 

I'm originally from Texas, and Dan's from Boston. We both moved to Washington, DC for work after college (2004) and met pretty much the minute we got there. So much for living the care-free single life. Ha!

In 2011 Dan got an amazing opportunity to move to North England for work. We've always wanted to live abroad, so we jumped at this chance. It would mean a huge life change for us though. I gave up my career as a Weapons of Mass Destruction Policy Analyst for the US Air Force to become a stay-at-home wife. The first few months were definitely challenging, but I poured my energy into this blog and to making the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. How many people are lucky enough to be given three-years of guilt-free "play time?"

Once in England, I became our household travel agent; a writer; a seamstress; a substitute teacher; a cook; a DIYer; and, most importantly, a mom. We welcomed our first child, Zahara Jane, on June 29, 2013.

After three amazing years, it was time to leave beautiful Yorkshire and return to the DC area. In August 2014, Dan, Zahara and I moved back into our old house and reunited with friends and neighbors.

After almost two years back in DC, on July 27, 2016, we completed our family with the addition of our son Asher. Though we aren't traveling quite as much these days, we still try and see as much of the world as we can.

So take off your shoes, make yourself comfortable and stay a while. And don't be a stranger. I'd love to hear from you! E-mail me at calliscrossing@gmail.com.


  1. Hi Calli & All, I met a friend of yours while holidaying in Dubrovnik in May. We were on a wine tasting trip and got talking about our backgrounds. When I mentioned that I was from Yorkshire your friend told me about your blog. (I'm really sorry but I've forgot their names, I remember they came from Boston and the lady worked for a fund raising within a university?). I've just discovered the link to your blog in my phone and have thoroughly enjoyed the insight into an Amercians view on of Britain and Yorkshire.

    I see you have moved back to the states, I hope you look back at your time in Gods County with happiness.

    TTFN (tat tar for now!)

  2. Hi Rich,

    I'm so glad you found me! I count my years in Yorkshire among the best of my life so far. What an amazing land! Say hi to the sheep for me!


  3. Dear Calli,

    Hi. My name is Jeff Burzacott. I publish a Facebook page (44,000+ fans) called ‘Nile Magazine’, dedicated to Ancient Egypt.

    I also edit an online digital magazine by the same name.

    I am writing to request the use of one of your photos in an article for the magazine about the Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara.

    Your photo shows some local guides standing in the main doorway of the pyramid enclosure, having a chat. It's a great image.

    Naturally you would be duly credited and receive a complimentary copy of the edition of NILE Magazine that your photo appears in.

    Please let me know if this is OK with you and any conditions you require. My email address is editor@nilemagazine.com.au.

    If you'd like to check out the Nile Magazine website, here is the link: www.nilemagazine.com.au

    Kind regards,

    Jeff Burzacott
    Editor, Nile Magazine
    Adelaide, Australia.