Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mini House Tour

I've been promising pictures of the house for weeks, but until recently I just couldn't face having my mess displayed so publicly.  The house is finally starting to feel like home though so here is a little mini tour.   

First, here's a before of our living room.  The previous tenants had a live-in nanny who used the living room as her bedroom. 

Living room before
Living room before

Here's our in-progress living room.  We've done a lot already, but still have a way to go.  We bought a new couch and hung our TV on the fireplace.  I'll write more about that another time.  Let's just say it was a huge hassle and we had to bring in some experts.  But it was totally worth it.

Living room in progress
Living room in progress

We have very important guests arriving tomorrow (!!), and their rooms are all ready to go.   Here's our small guest room where my awesome sister will be staying:

And here's the bigger room where my mom and dad will stay.  Both rooms have amazing views of the garden.

And here's our garden.  I absolutely love looking out to this every day.

That's all for now.  I'll show you the rest of the house another time.  Right now I need to finish getting the house ready for my family!  They'll be here in only a few hours!!


  1. It is beautiful!
    One of the important 1st guests.

  2. Such a beautiful place! Not gonna lie, I'm jealous haha :)