Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kitchen Table Update

I'll take a break from Egypt pictures for a minute to update you on the kitchen table situation.  When we last spoke, I had sanded and spray painted my free kitchen table.  It was looking a little splotchy, so I attempted to re-sand and re-paint it.  I can't say that it's perfect, but as my friend Karen says, you want things to be wonky so that people know it's homemade :)

See the shiny spots on the top corners?  I can't seem to get those out no matter how hard I try.

I thought that it might look better in situ, so I moved the table from the conservatory into the kitchen.  You know what?  The shiny spots are not nearly as noticeable.

Or maybe they are, but once you accessorize you can hardly tell.


  1. I love how your cat is an accessory :) Nice job on the table!

    1. Thanks! I think she blends in nicely :)