Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day at the Races

Last weekend we went with a group of friends to the horse races in York. I've been to horse races in both Texas and New Jersey, but this was a whole new ball game. It is what I imagine races in Kentucky to be like--very posh. We were sitting on the lawn, but there was actually a dress code for the seats!

Men are required to wear jackets and ties

I got into the spirit by wearing a sun dress and a fascinator. There were some great head pieces in our group.

You should have seen some of the "dresses" that women were wearing. I put the word in quotes because I'm not sure they qualify as actual dresses. One in particular was completely sheer except for the nude-colored body suit the woman wore underneath it. Another was a bra top with a tuft of feathers as a miniskirt. And everyone was wearing at least 4" heels. I was very comfortable in my maxi dress and  flats :)

It was a beautiful day--until it started to pour at the end. But that's just England for you. The course was really nice; we actually had to walk across it to get to our seats.

Photo courtesy of Susan Lange

York Racecourse

Photo courtesy Susan Lange

Because we were sitting in the lawn were were able to bring our own picnic. Dan made a ton of finger sandwiches (crusts cut off, of course). We also had hummus and veggies; chips and guacamole; roasted red peppers; veggie quiches; caprese bites; cheese and crackers...and of course, booze!

The races themselves were fun, but not the main focus of our group. It was a little hard to see the horses since we were on the ground. I did place a couple of bets, but it was so different than the States. To bet, you visit one of the tens of booths lined up displaying the odds their company placed on each horse. The you can bet either that one particular horse will win, or that one horse will get into the top three ("one each way"). I was told that if we were in the stands we could have placed different bets, and maybe those would have been more familiar (e.g. trifecta, superfecta, etc.). I did win big on one bet though...a whole £3.65! Ha!

That's one way to see the races

I absolutely loved the races and can't wait to go back. I'd like to try sitting in the stands next time. I'll have to find the appropriate dress though :)

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