Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dear Zahara: 7 Months

Dear Zahara,

Happy seven month birthday! We had a lot of fun this month continuing to try new foods. We started on purées on Christmas, but you quickly decided that you weren't a fan. We switched to bigger pieces of food (baby led weaning), and that is working much better. You're just so darn independent. I wonder where you get that from.

Here's a sampling of things you've eaten: sweet potato; avocado; butternut squash; carrots; cauliflower; banana; peas; beets; rice, fish; eggs...and so much more. We're now at the point that we'll give you a little bite of whatever we're eating. We try to avoid salt and dairy though. You really love fish and banana and can grab pieces yourself.

Another big development is that you are starting to crawl! You are up on all fours scooting with both knees at once. You haven't quite figured out that moving one leg at a time would be more efficient. Instead, you use a combination of rolling, scooting and balancing on your head to get where you want to go. It's adorable.

Good news for mummy and daddy--sleep is getting much better! We have been really consistent with sleep training. Again, since you're so stubborn independent, it took a couple of weeks for you to get it. But now, we start our night-time routine at 6:00 and you're asleep by 6:30. You're still getting up a couple of times a night to eat, but you usually go right back to sleep. You're up for the day around 6:30 or 7:00 and take three naps (9:00; 12:30; 4:00).

You're getting so big now. You have definitely outgrown the moses basket. It's such a shame because we would bring the basket into the bathroom and you would happily play there while mummy or daddy showered. We'll have to find a new solution now.

Also exciting is that your teeth are coming in! Just this week we noticed two sharp little teeth poked through your bottom gums. Daddy and I are sad to see your gummy smile go, but your new teeth are really cute too.

We had more travel adventures this month too. In Tenerife, you had sand between your toes for the first time! I'm not sure you loved it, but we'll try again soon. Here's to many more adventures! We love you!

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