Monday, June 29, 2015

Dear Zahara: 24 Months

Dear Zahara,

It seems impossible, but you are two years old today. The last two years have been the fastest, hardest, funniest, craziest time in our lives, and we wouldn't trade it for the world.

It is so fun watching you navigate the world through your imagination and curiosity. We've entered the "what is that" phase of toddlerhood. So far I don't mind answering that question as many times as you ask. I love seeing you piece bits of information together to form new concepts. It amazes me how much you understand about the way the world works.

You love using your imagination to play pretend. We dress up like superheroes, have tea parties, and take care of our "babies." You love giving your stuffed animals new diapers and bottles, and shushing or singing to them if they are "crying." Less adorably, you like to pretend to be a baby yourself and will often whine or cry until I pretend to give you a bottle. That game isn't my favorite.

You're very interested in anything that mummy and daddy are doing. You especially love cooking with us and pretending to put on makeup with mummy. We really have to watch everything we say because you hear it all! You'll often repeat back phrases that we weren't even aware we said. Most often you'll boss the kitties around by shouting phrases like, "girls, be nice," "no fighting," and "Zuzu, off the table!" These are all classic things mummy says to our cats.

If you could, you'd spend all day at our neighborhood park on the swings. Every day as soon as you get home from daycare, all you want to do is get on your tricycle and go to the park. That's our favorite story time. You'll usually ask for a particular story--pirate, mermaid, and astronaut are top requests.

Zahara, every day you truly live up to the meaning of your name: bringer of light. We love being your parents--especially when you tell us that we're your friends. Right back at you kid!

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