Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Camden, Maine

Day two of our trip to Maine was already so much better than day one. It really helped that I started feeling better. We didn't get a ton of sleep, but at least it was gorgeous outside. We took advantage of the clear, warm weather with a drive up to Mount Battie overlooking Camden.

After viewing it from afar, we made our way down to Camden to explore on foot. This town is so cute! I'm glad we came in the off-season though. It must be so crowded in the summer. I loved the look of the old buildings right next to the clear water. There were even hidden waterfalls behind the storefronts. And Zahara had a great time playing with the ducks and collecting sea shells at the dock.

We stopped in Belfast (around 30 minutes away) on the way to our next house and had a fantastic meal at Chase's Daily, a farm-to-table vegetarian restaurant. And when the say farm-to-table, they mean it literally. We watched as the chef grabbed the cauliflower for our incredible pasta dish from the farmer's market inside the restaurant. Everything was so fresh and tasty. Too bad we didn't get any pictures.

After lunch we made our way to our house in Bar Harbor and were treated with this view along the way. Maine is so beautiful! Stay tuned for our time in Acacia National Park.

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