Tuesday, February 7, 2017

MGM National Harbor and Fish

The MGM hotel and casino recently opened DC's National Harbor, which is around 45 minutes away from us. I've been eagerly awaiting this development since the first announced it. Dan and I aren't big gamblers, but we do enjoy the energy and entertainment that a casino brings.

We had such a fun night out with friends. We started with delicious cocktails at Jose Andres' restaurant Fish.This might have been the best gin and tonic I've ever had. It was so fresh and light. And it better be the best at the prices they charge!

Dinner was just OK. The food was decent, but not the best we've had. I really like Jose Andres and have eaten at many of his restaurants, but this one is not my favorite. There are not a ton of kosher-friendly options, which was strange at a fish restaurant. It's mostly shellfish. Our friends got the scallops and enjoyed them, but in the future I'd come for the drinks and then dine elsewhere.

After dinner we ventured out to the casino. The lobby is stunning. It was nicely decorated for the Chinese New Year (year of the rooster). These sculptures are made out of fresh flowers!

There's no buffet here like there is at the Vegas MGM. Instead, they have an upscale food court. It looked pretty good, actually. There was a patisserie and a sushi stand mixed in with burger joints and Starbucks. When we go back though, I want to eat at the Voltaggio Brothers' Steak House. I know that it's a steak house, but it looks like it had plenty of vegetarian choices. And after eating in Brian Voltaggio's restaurant Volt, I know he makes a mean veggie meal.

The casino itself was really nice too. There are a ton of slot machines and tables. The tables were too rich for our blood though. Most of them were $25 or $50 minimums. We also saw a few $100 and $200 tables. No thanks. We stuck to the video poker and the penny slots...haha! Kim actually won $50, which was fun.

It was such a great, adult night out. Can't wait to do it again!


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