Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dear Asher: 9 Months

Dear Asher,

Happy nine month birthday! What a little man you're becoming! This was a huge developmental month for you. The biggest change is that you are incredibly mobile. You are crawling at super speeds and are starting to pull yourself up on furniture. You love "walking" by holding our hands and moving your legs. I love watching you crawl from the living room around the corner to the kitchen to come find me. Your look of surprise and happiness when you see me is the best.

Another part of what is making you look like such a little guy now is your new haircut. Your hair was getting in your eyes and mouth, so we had to take care of it. Just like she did for your sister, G-mom took you for your first haircut. You did such a great job. I can't get over how handsome you look.

You are super ticklish! It's so funny! You are especially sensitive under your arms, on your neck, and on your chest. You laugh a big, throaty laugh that fills me with such joy.

I love how much you love your sister. And she loves you back--much to our relief. I love watching you guys interact. I know this phase won't last forever (especially now that you're mobile), but I'm enjoying it while I can.

You are eating solids a few times a day now. You will eat most foods, but you LOVE Cheerios and Veggie Straws. Probably too much. I think they feel good on your sore gums. Hopefully these teeth come soon!

Other quick facts: You love dancing to music; you squirm like crazy during diaper changes and often end up crawling around naked; and you still wake mummy up in the middle of the night.

We love you. Happy 9 month birthday!

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