Saturday, June 29, 2019

Dear Zahara: 6 Years

Dear Zahara,

Wow! You're 6! You've graduated kindergarten and are on your way to first grade. How did that happen?

This year has been a really, really great one for us. There were so many firsts and a lot of growth--both physical and emotional.

You lost your first two teeth. It was so interesting because you had shark teeth, meaning your next two were already there before you lost the baby ones! You also started reading! You're doing so great. We got a lot of early reader books from your new school to borrow for the summer, and you surprised us by picking up several in a row and just reading. We didn't know you could do that! But like all things, you do things in your own time on your own schedule.

You still are a voracious reader and demand lots of reading time, which is fine by me! You love listening to podcasts--specifically Story Pirates and Wow in the World. We've started reading chapter books this year, which has been so fun. We've read A Wrinkle in Time, the first three Harry Potter books, and are on the third How to Train Your Dragon book. You are absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter. Obsessed! But, we had to make a judgement call to pause on reading the rest of the books until you're a bit older. You'll thank me after you read the next ones. In the meantime, we play lots of Harry Potter games, and even went to see the place upon which Diagon Alley is based--York, England.

That's right! We went to England this year. Just a special mommy and Zahara trip. We went for a week in the spring and got to see all of the old yoga mommy friends. These mommies and kids were such a huge part of our lives (and still are for me!), so it was amazing seeing you back there. I LOVED how well you got along with everyone. It was one of the highlights of my year.

This year you've also been playing really well with Asher. Not always, but a lot more than before. And when you play, it melts our hearts. You are so considerate of his feelings and safety. You take his hand to walk him down the beach. Or ask if he's thirsty or hungry. Or set up a row of chairs and play pretend school bus. It's been awesome.

If we let you, you'd still spend every day doing arts and crafts. It doesn't even matter the medium. You're happy with paint, crayons, markers, glue, beads, or even just paper and pen. Lately you've been making us a lot of "books," my favorite of which is "How to Relax." It's a guide for daddy who sometimes can't just sit down. It's hilarious and amazing. I love that you try to spell things on your own, but you're also clever enough to ask Google for help on our Google home. It's amazing what a digital native you are.

Zahara, you have such a strong, wonderful personality. It is so fun watching you grow and develop into the young girl you are. Daddy and I are so proud of all the things you've done this year, and are excited to see what the next year holds. We wish you lots of love and happiness! Happy birthday!

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