Thursday, September 11, 2008

First Port-of-Call Portofino

This morning we went on our first port-of-call--Portofino. We heard there really wasn't too much to do in Portofino so we decided to walk along the coast to Santa Margarita. It was about an hour walk, but it was so nice. The coast is absolutely beautiful! Portofino and its suburbs are known for their pastel-colored buildings with 3-D paintings on the facade. It really looks like all of the buildings have balconies and elegant window treatments, but it is all fake. It looks amazing though!

We stopped on our way in Paraggi beach, which is supposedly a very exclusive beach. Our guidebook said that just for the privilege of sitting on the beach, hotels can charge you 50 euro! We stood on the tiny patch of public sand for a minute and then went on our way.

Once in Santa Margarita, our first stop, of course, was gelato. Not as good as in Rome, but still delicious.  then we had a coastal specialty--Napolitana (anchovy) pizza. Gross! Dan loved it though.

We had fun just wandering around looking at all of the butchers and specialty food stores. I've never seen so much parma ham in one place! Poor Dan was salivating at the thought. 

Back on the ship jet lag finally caught up with us and we took and extended nap by the pool. It was lovely. Tomorrow we're in Florence!

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