Friday, September 19, 2008

Venice On Our Own

Day 2 of Venice. We basically did everything we wanted to do yesterday, so today was more relaxed. We started at a glass-blowing demonstration off the square. I've seen it before, but it is just so impressive how someone can take that hot lump of glass and make it into beautiful designs. We didn't see anything we wanted to buy, so we moved on.

We wanted to do a tour of the grand canal, which started near the Jewish ghetto. It took us nearly 1 1/2 hours to get there by foot. We saw a lot of parts of Venice that most tourists never see. Nothing too interesting though. Mainly just houses and stuff. The canal tour was on our iPods and used Venice's public water taxi as a guide. We got on line #1 and Rick Steves narrated about each stop. It was pretty cool.

After the canal tour we meandered back toward St. Mark's Square, stopping to get a gigantic scoop of gelato.

We came back to the ship, took our regular afternoon nap, worked out and then got ready for Shabbat services. The cruise ship provided a room, wine, candles (electric), prayer books, and challah. There were about ten of us gathered in the little conference room. This was my first time as a married woman at a Shabbat service. I decided that when I got married I would cover my hair in any religious setting. So I spent about 20 minutes in the room trying to figure out exactly how to do that. Eventually I was able to tie my scarf around my head. It actually looked OK. I'm excited to keep that tradition up. The service itself was very truncated, but it was nice. I said a few words about how the community in Split inspired me. I think people appreciated it. After services Dan and I went upstairs to take pictures. We ended up playing a round of mini-golf. It was actually really fun. Dan beat me by one stroke.

Tomorrow we're in Dubrovnik!

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