Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good to Know...

Apparently the British do not take food to go.  Dan and I went to a really nice restaurant in town and, since we're still on per diem, ordered appetizers and a main course.  By the time the main course came, I just wasn't so hungry any more.  The food was delicious so I wanted to take it home with me for lunch the next day.   When I asked the waiter if I could take it to go, he looked at me like I was asking the chef to come home and make my meal for me the next day.  He said he'd see what he could do.  When he came back to our table, he gave me my food in Tupperware with foil on top.   It may not be pretty, but it worked!

Me and my to-go container

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  1. Maybe you should start carrying your own tupperware with you to restaurants in case you want to take food home :)