Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our (Temporary) Digs

Now that we've officially signed a lease for a house (!!), we have to just wait it out in temporary housing until the house is available on October 19th.  Considering we've been here since August 26th, it seems like we've been in, and will be in temporary housing forever.  And, to make matters worse, we're actually in our third temporary house in less than four weeks!  Fortunately, the new place we're in is it until we move to our house.  Yay!

So, why have we moved so often?  The first place we were in was fine, but tiny and had twin beds.  We probably could have toughed it out there, but the management company asked us to move to a different apartment because someone else was moving in.  Our next place was a bit of an upgrade since it had a double bed...ooohh.  It was also pretty small, but it worked.

It was actually pretty charming, with it's fireplace and large windows and high ceilings.  It had a teeny, tiny kitchen, but that was fine since we were mostly eating out anyway.  Once we knew we'd be in temporary housing for another month though, the kitchen seemed more important.  Eating out is fun, but for people like Dan and myself, it got old pretty quickly.  I just wanted to be able to cook a meal!  Especially with the Jewish holidays coming up, it would be really nice to have a home-cooked dinner. 

But again, Dan and I could have toughed it out for the next month.  Our decision was made for us when the management company again asked us to move.  At this point we'd heard from a couple of other people that this was standard practice for these apartments and it may happen again in the next month.  No thank you!  So Dan and I took matters into our own hands and found a new place that let us sign a one-month lease.  Now we're able to unpack and get settled in more.  Best of all, it has a great, modern kitchen!  I even made my first real meal since we've been here.  I made a veggie shepherd's pie with a sweet potato mash.  I thought I'd go traditional for my first British meal :) 

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