Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Abigail's Visit

A few weeks ago my good friend and former bridesmaid Abigail came to visit. We used to hang out all the time when we both lived in DC. We had a weekly dinner date where we'd order Chinese from the restaurant down the street and watch old episodes of Friends. It's so sad that we haven't lived in the same city for more than six years.

Me and Abigail; July 4, 2005

The weather was horrible (but typical), but we still made the most of it! After a day of getting acclimated and touring Harrogate, we visited Fountains Abbey--a real must-see. 

Our entrance fee included a tour of the abbey, which would have been great if we could hear our guide. Poor guy was half deaf and must have assumed we all had excellent hearing. I asked him to speak up, but it didn't seem to help. Oh well.

One of the more memorable moments of the day was when a bird pooped on my head while all of these people watched:

Thanks for picking bird crap out of my hair Abigail!

Friday we went to the local auction house so Abigail could get a real taste of Britannia. We placed bids on several items (mostly furniture for me and pocket watches for Abigail), but were outbid on everything. We did notice this box of gems, but decided to pass:

Box of thanks! 

Over the weekend Dan was able to join us for a tour of the Wensleydale creamery. I love this type of cheese, so it was really fun seeing where it's made. The best part, of course, was the cheese tasting where we got to try around twenty different varieties!

Dan and the cheese maker

Making cheese

It's made in the Yorkshire Dales, so we were treated to beautiful views on our drive there and back.

We made the most of the weekend, and our time with Dan, by driving up to the coast to Whitby. Again, the drive was absolutely beautiful and the coast was a sight to see. We even toured another beautiful abbey.


Whitby Abbey

Of course, no trip to England is complete without a stop for tea and scones. We accomplished this arduous task at the Betty's in York.

It was such a fun trip and I'm so honored Abigail came to visit. Anyone else want to come for a visit? We'd love to have you!


  1. I would guess that you and Dan should have your very own table at Betty's by now.