Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Harrogate House Crawl

Last weekend a few of my friends put together a fun night called the Harrogate House Crawl. It's in its 4th year, but this is the first time I've been here for it. It's similar to the 12 Pubs of Christmas that I attended in December, but instead of going to 12 pubs, we went to 8 houses.

We were given our house crawl kit at the first house. It consisted of a red Solo cup to be used at each house; a toothbrush; a mint; a piece of candy; antacid medicine; our official House Crawl button; and a condom. Apparently the first two annual house crawls ended with two house crawl babies, so now condoms are part of the kit. You can't be too prepared.

Here was the line-up:
House 1: Pacific Rim
House 2: Home-brew (made by Master Brewer Alisha)
House 3: Mimosas
House 4: Mojitos
House 5: Pimms and Lemonade
House 6: Sangria
House 7: Szarlotka (apple juice and bison vodka)
House 8: Bloody Marys

The beers were cold?

We had thirty minutes at each house, except house 5 where we had a one hour dinner. Sarah did a great job keeping us on time!

Sarah with her kitchen timer

All the houses were only a few minutes walk from each other. We saw some pretty sights along the way.

From what I remember, it was a really fun night :)

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