Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Playing in the Park

We took advantage of a nice day this weekend and brought Adam and Olivia's kids to the park. There's a fantastic free park near us called Valley Gardens. It has most of the standard playground stuff, but then some awesome stuff I wish I had as a kid!

Even Dan enjoyed "monkeying" around

Aside from slides, monkey bars and jungle gyms, this playground had a zip line! How awesome is that?

I even had a couple of turns on the zip line. It's really fun.

The kids also loved the basket swing and the wading pool.

It was a bitter-sweet outing because Adam, Olivia and the kids are leaving England this week. They're moving on to bigger and better things, but I'm very sad to be losing my friends. I guess we'll just have lots of skype dates to look forward to!

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