Monday, August 19, 2013

PopPop and G-Mom Come to Town!

PopPop and G-mom--otherwise known as my parents--came to visit Zoey a couple of weeks ago. It was a fantastic trip that went much too quickly.

My parents were dying to meet Zoey from the moment she was born, but because of work schedules and other factors, they weren't able to make it out here sooner. They impatiently bided their time and got by on the daily pictures and skype dates. But that's not the same as holding their first granddaughter in their arms. Unfortunately my sister Bradi couldn't make it out this time, and we definitely missed her.

My folks arrived pretty late in the evening, so I told them beforehand that Dan would pick them up from the airport while I stayed home with a sleeping Zahara. They were not thrilled. In reality though, we surprised them by meeting them at the airport. I'd say it was a good surprise.

For the next week I barely even saw Zahara; she was constantly wrapped in the arms of her grandparents. They were so helpful in bathing her, swaddling her and playing with her. And of course, they already started spoiling her. They literally brought an entire suitcase filled to the brink with gifts from friends and family back home. We got enough clothes that we won't have to buy anything for her until she's almost one!

We mostly hung around Harrogate enjoying the gorgeous sunshine. We took some walks around town and had tea at everyone's favorite hangout, Betty's. Unfortunately Dan had to work, but we had extra rarebit for him.

One day we went to Pots2Go, which is a paint-your-own pottery place. Our friends Sarah and Randy very thoughtfully gave us a gift certificate to Pots2Go at our meet-the-baby party. I wanted to paint something together that my parents could take home. We decided on a spoon rest shaped like a wine bottle with Zoey's footprint on the label. It turned out really cute!

Over the weekend we took a road trip to one of our favorite cities, Whitby. This North Seaside town is just lovely. The drive up is absolutely stunning, and once there you are treated with gorgeous views of the abbey, the sea and the charming little town. We were having such a great time, in fact, that I didn't take a single picture. I did manage to grab a group photo at Robin Hood's Bay. This is a must-see for anyone in the area. You can sit and have a pint while watching the tide come in.

As I said before, the visit was way too short. Thanks so much for coming to visit G-mom and PopPop! We miss you already!


  1. much fun....and Zahara is the cutest (granddaughter that I have ever had)


  2. I have already started to look for the next flights. It was the most amazing feeling holding our granddaughter in my arms. It really brought back wonderful memories of holding Zahara's mother in my arms some time ago.
    I have chosen the name PopPop after my father,obm (of blessed memory). I only hope that I can live up to the standard he set as what I saw to be a wonderful grandfather. I cannot wait to take Zoey for some ice cream or yogurt with the toppings on the side of course.