Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy November, everyone. Can you believe it's already fall? Where has this year gone? Last week we celebrated Zahara's first Halloween. I've been looking forward to this for years. Anyone who knows me knows I have a HUGE sweet tooth. Just check out my sweet tooth traveler posts as proof. Halloween seemed like the perfect gig. Free candy! All I had to do was have a baby :) These next few years are the best when she's still too young to eat her spoils. I guess Dan and I will have to step in and help her out.

On the Friday before Halloween, we went to carnival put on by Dan's work. It was a really cute event, with arts and crafts and interactive games for all ages. Zoey was a bit young for most of it, but we had a good time catching up with friends and their adorable kiddos.

We also visited a pumpkin patch. Zoey can't quite sit on her own yet, so it was hilarious trying to get a perfect picture. Dan and I took turns setting her down, then very slowly pulling our hands away while the other person snapped a quick photo. Sometimes it worked, but most of the time we ended up with this. Thankfully the ground was soft and Zoey didn't seem to mind at all.

Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!

This was the best shot we got. Doesn't it kind of look like those cheesy senior portraits?

On actual Halloween, we went trick-or-treating on base. There were more than two hundred kids and nearly fifty offices who participated. Zoey dressed as a little bumble bee, courtesy of my Aunt Pam. It was a really cute crochet cocoon and a matching hat with antennae. She looked absolutely adorable.

We went with my friend Rachel and her adorable 10-week-old Tom. I'm not sure that Tom was crazy about his costume, but he looked so stinking cute as a little bear. The tiny tail killed me.

How was your Halloween? What did you dress up as? How much candy have you already eaten? I like savoring mine so that it lasts longer, but my will power is not as good as it used to be. This stash is going faster than I'd like to admit.

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