Saturday, April 26, 2014

Passover in Paris

This year we were lucky enough to celebrate Passover in Paris! Even better, my parents joined us!

We spent a week in the city of lights. We went a few days before Passover so that we could fully enjoy all the delicious French food first. Though I absolutely love Passover, the only downside is that macarons, croissants, and baguettes are off-limits. Don't worry. We ate ourselves silly for those first few days. We even had a bunch of amazing kosher food that we can't get in Harrogate: Indian, Chinese, falafel and shwarma!

We stayed in an apartment in the trendy neighborhood of Marais. There was some last-minute drama as the owners of the original apartment we booked canceled three days before our trip. Thankfully, Airbnb worked with us to find another place. It wasn't ideal, but the apartment was beautiful and made a great place for us to hold our seder.

Speaking of seders, both were very memorable and very different. The first night we went to a community event sponsored by Chabad. There were more than 200 people there! It was run very efficiently. Each table of 15 had its own Chabad leader. There were English, French and Hebrew-speaking tables. Our table was mostly Americans, with one couple from South Africa. Zahara did amazing! The seder didn't start until after 9 and we left around midnight. Because it was a religious holiday, we weren't allowed to take any pictures, unfortunately.

The next night we had a much smaller, more intimate seder at our apartment. And wouldn't you know, Zahara did not do as well this night. We tried putting her to bed, but she cried and cried until we brought her back out and let her be part of the seder. Maybe she just loves the holiday as much as me and didn't want to miss anything.

Of course we did tons of sight-seeing while in Paris.

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