Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sights in the City of Lights

We had such a fabulous time with my parents in Paris during Passover. We did a ton of walking to counteract all of the eating we did. No matter how many times I see the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre and Versailles, it just doesn't get old. I could easily see myself living in Paris. Amazing food, great public transportation and beautiful sights---yeah. It wouldn't be so bad.

We spent one whole day in Versailles, which I highly recommend. We got so lucky with the most amazing, sunny weather. We took the train and listened to Rick Steve's free audio guide. I wish we had bought tickets in advance online so that we could have skipped some of the line. A good tip: if you aren't planning on using the free audio guide that comes with your ticket, and I wouldn't (it wasn't very good), you don't have to wait in the line at the door. That would have saved us around half an hour.

Though the inside of Versailles was stunning--especially the Hall of Mirrors--the gardens were the main attraction of the day. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and had a little picnic on the lawn. 

We loved exploring all the fountains and coves. In fact, though we had all day, it wasn't nearly enough time. We didn't make it to Marie Antoinette's hamlet.

We also spent most of a day at Montmartre. We ate the most delicious macarons at Maison Georges Larnicol before checking out the Sacre Coeur. All the macarons were delicious, but I especially loved the coconut; chocolate; and salted caramel flavors. The church was gorgeous; Dan even liked it more than Notre Dame. We did another Rick Steve's self-guided tour and saw the famous windmills, artist-filled square and Moulin Rouge.

Mom and I doing the can-can

This is just a small sample of the amazing things we saw in Paris. Stay tuned for more!

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