Thursday, December 18, 2014

Guest Post: Festive Cookie Exchange

One of the best parts about moving back home is getting to see all of my old friends. I've known Erin for nearly a decade now, and she is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. Read about her fun holiday party tradition.

One of the many reasons why I am so glad that Calli is back in Maryland is because we can continue a holiday tradition started six years ago. The "annual" (ok there may have been a couple missed years here and there) Festive Cookie Exchange is a great excuse to bake, mingle with friends and eat cookies!

Each guest is asked to bake 2-3 dozen of their favorite holiday treats. At the party everyone fills out a little card detailing the type of cookie, the baker's name and other dietary specifics (does the cookie contain nuts? Is it gluten free?).

Now that she is back, Calli jumped right into the festive fun with a cute new dress and tasty pumpkin oatmeal chocolate balls. Yum!

There were lots of great cookies this year! Including delicious gluten free options. Why describe the cookies when you can see them (warning: don't view on an empty stomach)...

Even my dog Ziggy got in on the holiday fun! One generous baker made peanut butter/pumpkin dog cookies. Ziggy entertained the party guests by dancing for his treats.

One of the reasons why I asked guests to bring so many cookies was in order to both enjoy them at the party and take plenty home to enjoy throughout the holiday season! Each guest got a to-go box to fill with their favorite treats.

Thanks for reading about this year's Festive Cookie Exchange!

And, thank you, Erin for hosting such a fun party! Now, please excuse me while I dig in to my leftover cookies.

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