Friday, December 5, 2014

Thankful for Thanksgiving

It's no secret that I absolutely love Thanksgiving. It is a fantastic holiday where friends and family gather together to express their gratitude for all life has to offer. This year has been one of enormous transition, and it hasn't all been easy for me. Nevertheless, I am enormously blessed to have such wonderful people in my life; to have a loving, supportive husband; and to watch my precocious, hilarious, energetic toddler storm through each day.

But, enough sappiness...let's talk turkey! We spent this Thanksgiving with our good friends Katie and Andy and my sister-in-law Amy. Amy, who is a senior in college, lives in the dorms and needed a place to stay when they closed for the Thanksgiving break. We were thrilled to host her!

Originally we were going to have Thanksgiving at Katie and Andy's, but since Katie was 37 weeks pregnant, we thought maybe it would be easier to host at our house.

The menu rarely changes from year to year because I can't bear to be without my favorites--which are all of them! This year Katie added some fun new traditions to the mix, like the (kosher) pigs-in-a-blanket appetizer and chocolate brownie cake that come standard in her family. Yes, please!

Everything turned out so well and it was easily one of the most relaxed Thanksgivings we've had. Zahara got right into the spirit by eating a big meal, then taking her pants off to watch the Cowboys play. Ha!

As a side-note, can you believe what a difference a year makes?!

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