Friday, January 30, 2015

Gallery Wall, Again

Our house is finally starting to feel like a home. Months after moving in, we starting putting some art on the walls. While I appreciate the clean look of magazine homes, I am happiest when my walls are filled with memories of friends, family and travels.

I already had all the supplies I needed to create a gallery wall of pictures from our travels. Not only did I have the frames and pictures, but I even had the placement figured out from when we hung the same gallery in our England house. All I needed was the right wall. 

Dan has said that he feels slightly claustrophobic when there are too many things hung on walls. I understand what he means and have tried to respect his thoughts on the matter. With fifteen frames, this display could be slightly overwhelming if put in a high-traffic or small area. That's why the stairs leading to the bedrooms is the perfect place. I get to see it every day, but it isn't so in-your-face. 

I took a slightly different approach for the placement and hanging of the frames than I did last time. This was a little bit more time consuming, but a lot easier. I simply traced each frame onto paper* and cut them out. Then, once I figured out my arrangement, I hung each paper frame on the wall. It took Dan less than twenty minutes to hang all fifteen frames using the paper frames as guides.

And, here they are! I LOVE it! It makes me so happy to see these fun travel memories on my way to bed each night. Why did I wait so long??

* I used both craft paper and regular printer paper for my frames. The printer paper was easier to work with because it stayed crisp and hung flat on the wall. I used the craft paper for the larger frames that wouldn't fit on the printer paper. If you plan on hanging the frames fairly soon after hanging the paper ones, either paper will work fine. The craft paper tends to fall off the wall sooner than the printer paper though.

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