Wednesday, April 20, 2016

26 Weeks

Dates: April 13-April 19

Baby is the Size of a: scallion (approximate length and weight: 14 inches, 1 2/3 pounds)

How I'm Feeling: Still grumpy. I'm going to blame it on the pregnancy hormones, but really it's a whole combination of things. Zahara has been extra challenging lately, which just throws everything else off. She's the Jekyll and Hyde of children: extremely happy and adorable one minute, and a whining, kicking, spitting mess the next. She's been struggling to go to bed at night and has been waking up in the middle of the night. That means Dan and I are tired and strung out from all the tantrums. Add the hormones and the ligament pain, and it's just a lost cause.

The good news is that she has really honed her survival skills--she knows our limits and makes sure to act super amazing and cute after bringing us to the brink. As with anything when dealing with a small child, I try and remind myself that this is just a phase and that it will pass.

How I'm Changing: No huge changes this week...I'm just bigger and slower :)

What I'm Eating: All carbs, all the time. Since next week is Passover and we abstain from eating leavened products (like bread), we're living it up this week.

What the Baby is Doing: My belly is non-stop action. It's really distracting to keep seeing and feeling the movement while I'm running meetings at work.

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