Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week 28

Dates: April 27-May 3

Baby is the Size of an: eggplant (approximate length and weight: 15 inches, 2.25 pounds)

How I'm Feeling: My mood is definitely improving week by week, and this was a good week. I'm generally pretty happy with bouts of grumpiness. I'm also pretty exited because this is the first week of my last trimester!

Both Dan and I are nesting in a big way. We've been organizing, purging, and decorating the house. The biggest changes are the kids' (!) rooms. We bought Z a twin-size bed, a new dresser, and a bookshelf. We moved her old bookshelf and changing table into the guest room/nursery. I'll make a separate post on these changes. But it feels great to get stuff done.

How I'm Changing: Sadly, I'm startting to swell a bit. I didn't have any swelling with Z, but my hands and feet are noticably bigger. I'm thinking it will only get worse as it gets warmer out. I also think I have a bit of the "pregnant waddle." I haven't confirmed that with anyone yet though.

What I'm Eating: I  made a very dangerous discovery at work the other day: we have a frozen yogurt machine in our cafeteria. It's the really good kind, and there's a topping bar--with mini M&Ms and crushed Oreos! So far, I've only indulged once, but I fear this might become a regular habit.

What the Baby is Doing: Baby has found a new home right next to my bladder. He seems to love hugging it, especially in the middle of the night.

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