Monday, May 30, 2016

When Did I Get So Old?

My coworker has a membership to Cove. Have you heard of this before? I hadn't. It's a network of workspaces all over DC and Boston. People can rent time at these offices by the hour or by the month. There are individual workspaces as well as conference rooms, plus free wifi, coffee and tea, and sodas.

Our team wanted a change of scenery so my coworker suggested heading to Cove for the day. The location is super convenient--right in Chinatown, and it's always fun to get out of the office.

While I really enjoyed the space, it made me feel ancient. Everything was super modern; everyone was in jeans and hoodies. There was even a tandem bicycle start-up working out of the space! It was straight out of a movie--specifically, The Intern with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway.


It was fun and I would do it again, but it was just one of those times that makes you realize you are in fact not the same age as your 22 year-old co-worker who just graduated college. Instead, you are a 33 year-old who is about to pop with her second kid. When did that happen?

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  1. Another great post, wait until you are a grandma. Carl and I think we are on a different planet, we both still think we are teenagers until you try and have a conversation with them and they appear to speak a different language or speak to you in Emojos......we also have what we call drop in offices in the UK great concept