Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dear Zahara: 3 Years

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

I'm not sure Charles Dickens wrote this phrase expressly to describe this past year of our lives, but it sure fits. Life with a two-year-old is never boring.When you are happy, nothing can compete with your joy. You exude it from every pore, and it is infectious. People will stop what they are doing to watch you twirl, giggle, and play.

But, when you're unhappy...yikes! You will tantrum and whine like no one's business. I thought the cartoons depicting kids laying on the ground slamming down their little fists and feet were fictional. Nope. They are accurate depictions of a two-year-old who was just told that she can't eat cat food.

Despite the emotional roller coaster, I have loved this year. You are really coming into your own and it is so fun to watch. If I'm being honest, you are really just a mini-me: assertive, emotional, a bit bossy, but very clever and loving.

Your imagination has no bounds. You love pretending to be a dinosaur, or witch, or dragon. You'll be a doctor and ask me to be the patient. We have several doctor's toys and you love putting on the stethoscope and starting your check ups. Usually the exam ends with you saying, "I hate to tell you this, but you're very sick." Maybe spend the next few years working on your bedside manner?

Thanks to your friend Liana at daycare, you're also really into twirling and leaping. I think Liana is teaching you ballet. It's not just that you love leaping--which you really do--it's that you love when people watch you leap. You love an audience and are quite the ham.

You're also getting a lot more independent. You now read, color, and play on your own a lot. You still want us around (yay!), but you like to explore things on your own more. Reading is your favorite pastime. We probably read at least 10-15 books a day. We read at every meal and bedtime. Sometimes at night I'll watch on the monitor as you "read" to yourself.

You continue to be a great, and adventurous eater. We love that! It's so nice that you are (usually) willing to try to things. You don't always love it, and you still won't eat tomatoes, mushrooms, or peppers, but you generally are good about giving things a "no thank you bite."

You are potty trained now! At least during the day. We haven't really attempted to do nighttime yet. It was actually a pretty easy process. We did a boot camp one weekend and you picked it up right away. We still wore pull-ups for a while because daycare wanted you to, but now you're in underwear and are doing great. We still have the occasional accident--mainly because you're too busy having fun to tell us you need to go--but we are really proud of what a big girl you are now.

You are becoming a big helper around the house. You've started to help with some of the chores, setting the table, getting dressed, and laundry. You are great at pulling things out of the dryer and sorting them into piles. You even help put the clothes away on your own.

This next year will be a huge adjustment for everyone once we welcome your little brother. So far, you seem really excited about becoming a big sister. You constantly tell me how you're going to be such a big helper., and that you'll fetch the baby diapers, give him bottles, and sing him songs when he cries. You talk to the baby and tell him that you can't wait to meet him. You blow raspberries on my tummy and then laugh hysterically while asking if baby is laughing too. It's amazing.

This year has been an adventure, and your hugs and kisses make every twist and turn worthwhile. We love you more than you know and can't wait to see what this next year brings! Happy 3rd birthday Zahara!

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