Thursday, September 15, 2016

Renaissance Festival

While I was on a work trip last October, Dan took Zahara to the Maryland Renaissance Festival (Rennfest). He had such an amazing time that he literally put the dates for the next year's event on our calendars that night. So, with his enthusiastic endorsement, the four of us headed to the 2016 Rennfest.

I've heard of this event before, but I always thought it was for other people. I'm not sure why though. It was SO MUCH FUN! Dan described it pretty accurately when he said it is like a state fair with costumes. Great food, fun games, lots of entertainment. 

I really loved the mead/hard cider mix. So delicious!

We didn't even make it in the front gates before Zahara already declared it the best day ever. That's because she got to grab an event program off a fairy's head. Throughout the rest of the day she had her face painted, rode a pony, danced around a maypole, saw a puppet show, and ate ice cream.

We saw jousting, axe throwing, sword swallowing, belly dancing...I could go on, and on. Rennfest is set in the forest, which makes for a great atmosphere. I loved walking through the trees while checking out the village.

It's a really unique experience with lots of colorful characters. If there's a Rennfest near you, I highly recommend you check it out! 

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