Friday, September 23, 2016

Things That Make Me Cry: New Mom Edition

Hormones. They are force to be reckoned with. I've always been a bit of a crier, but in my postpartum state it's even worse. Here are a few of the ridiculous things that are making me cry right now. Feel free to join in and tell me what's making you tear up!

This Quaker Oats Commercial:

The premise of this commercial is that Quaker Oats oatmeal is the right choice at any stage in life. But, (spoiler alert), it shows a little girl growing up to eventually feed the oatmeal to a child of her own. Thinking about my own kids growing up that quickly and having children of their own is a bit too much for me at the moment.

William Wants a Doll:

Again, continuing the theme of kids growing up too quickly, this song is about a little boy who wants to play with a doll. Everyone makes fun of him for it, but his grandmother says that it is good practice for when William grows up and has a baby of his own. I'm tearing up just writing this sentence. The whole CD is great, by the way. A real classic.

This is Us:

I just watched the pilot of this show and it had me in tears. I won't give anything away, but I'm very interested to see where the show goes from here.

So, that's what's new with me. Care to share?

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