Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Thoughts by Z

More from the mouth of babes:

Thought 1:
Z: I'm going to make this delicious, like a salad!

Thought 2:
Z: Mummy, you can have this sticker because it is huge and you are huge.

Thought 3:
 Seeing Dan's mouth guard in the bathroom:
Z: When I'm big, are my teeth going to be in a jar?

And an extra thought from me, about Zahara:

Bonus Thought:
Me: I thought Zahara was so advanced that she got her "threenager" year out of the way at age 2.
Dan: Yeah, she's so advanced that she still poops her pants.
Asher: <laughs>
Calli: Asher, not sure why you're laughing. You poop your pants too.

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