Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Dear Asher: 5 Months

Dear Asher,

Happy five-month birthday! What a big month this has been for you. You have two teeth!! I can't believe it! After weeks of intense drooling, bright rosy cheeks, and shoving everything in your mouth, you are now the proud owner of two tiny little bottom teeth. You've been such a champ though. You're still our happy little chap.

Another big milestone for this month is that you now sleep in your own room. You've been doing great with that and we're all sleeping better. You still get up a couple of times a night, but you generally fall right back asleep. Sadly, you will still only nap in the car seat, swing, or on me. You're so little (relatively, ha!) that I'm just enjoying the snuggles for now.

You're not rolling yet, but you're showing some signs of interest and ability. With my help you can turn to your side. Then you get the best proud look on your face. You're also starting to sit on your own a bit. It's still kind of floppy, but you're getting close. You are so strong--daddy likes to take you for a "walk."

You are ticklish (especially under your arms) and love laughing. You smile at everyone you see, but save your biggest smiles for daddy and Zahara. You really love when we have bath time with Z. You are just the happiest baby and we couldn't be happier with you. Happy 5 months!

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