Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March Thoughts by Z

I may be biased, but Zahara is really clever. Sometimes she really surprises us with what she knows. And we always love learning more about the way she thinks.

Thought 1:
When reading a book about a ninja made out of cookie dough:
Z: The Ninjabread man is made out of food and his head is a circle. That's silly
Me: I'm made out of food too. And my head is a circle. Right?
Z: No! You're made out of bones. And your head is an oval.

Thought 2:
On seeing the moon in the sky during the day:
Z: Go back to bed, moon! You're not supposed to be here!

Thought 3:
On seeing bright pink clouds during a sunset:
Z: I have a hypothesis. My hypothesis is that the clouds are really hot lava.

Thought 4:
Z: I like Ms. Victoria (our babysitter) because I don't have to earn TV shows. I just ask for them and she lets me watch.

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