Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dear Asher: 8 Months

Dear Asher,

Happy 8 month birthday! I can't get over what a big boy you're becoming. Long gone are the sleepy newborn days. These days are all about exploring the world around you, primarily through touch and taste.

You're just starting to crawl! Last month you were working on "scooping," but this month you've started to lift your knees to move. You're not really going more than one crawl at a time, but you're getting the hang of it. Apparently at daycare you move all over the place. You roll, scoot, or crawl to get where you're going. We don't see it too much at home though.

You've been to seven states: DC, MD, VA, NC, TX, FL, and now NJ. We took a short road trip to attend a family wedding. We got to see babushka, dedushka, Aunt Amy, Aunt Sara, Uncle Shlomo, and Avi. As an added bonus, we also got to hang out with one of my best friends, Dina, and her adorable family.

You have four little teeth with several more on their way. They seem to really bother you, as you've been a lot more fussy than usual. You're still pretty happy, but you want to be held all the time. Once you are in our arms, you're full of smiles and snuggles. 

A few other quick facts: your number one love is still your sister; you get up at least twice a night to eat; you hate baths but love showers with daddy; 9-month clothes are already a little tight; your favorite song is the ABCs; you wake up happy every day.

We love you to the moon and back, little Asher!

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