Monday, December 5, 2011

First Snow!

When we first moved into the house I wasn't immediately sure what to do with the conservatory, other than turning it into a home decor shop.  But then I thought that it would be nice to have a big, comfy leather couch in there so that I can grab a book and a cup of tea and sit and watch the snow fall in my back garden.  Today I got to put that plan in to action because it's snowing!  Big, fluffy flakes!

Here I am, enjoying a cup of tea on my new couch:

I got the couch for a great price.  I looked on Gumtree (their version of Craigslist) for weeks to find anyone selling a leather couch.  I found this one posted for only £20!  The problem was that it was too big to fit in my car.  So I found a "man with a van" on Gumtree who would pick up and deliver the couch for £40.  Even though that was double the cost of the couch, £60 for a leather couch is still a great deal.  So I called the woman selling the couch to make the arrangements.  When I told her I had hired a van to pick up the couch, she said I could have the couch for free!  She just wanted to get rid of it and didn't really want any money for it.  And that's how I got my newcouch for £40.

Astute readers may notice in the picture above that my decor shop seems a little more empty than before.  We did some major decorating while my mom was in town.  I'll have some updated house pictures for you soon.  In the meantime, I'll be curled up on the couch enjoying the view :)

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  1. This is even more fun since I have sat in that couch and experienced your wonderful home!