Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh, Henry

When he's right, he's right.  Dan's been saying for the past several weeks that we need a new vacuum.  The base gives us a British-spec Henry that is supposed to be the best.  It's a very different kind of vacuum than I'm used to, but it seemed to be working fine.  In fact, contractors working on our house specifically commented on the Henry saying that it really is the best.  Yet, Dan still maintained that we needed a new vacuum.

Since I'm the one at home doing the vacuuming, my main priority was ease of use.  The Henry is great for stairs because you can leave the canister at one end and just use the hose.  Turns out though, while Henry is all smiles, he was really a terrible vacuum.

Dan bought a Vax Mach Air Reach.  It is billed as the lightest full-size multi-cyclonic upright vacuum in the world--whatever that means.  It arrived yesterday, mere hours after I had just vacuumed the entire house.  Nevertheless, Dan wanted to try the Vax out as soon as he got home.  I have never been more disgusted in my life.  Here's what happened after vacuuming HALF of the living room:

Clearly,  Henry will be seeing an early retirement.


  1. I have a love affair with my Dyson! Sounds like your new vac is'll never go back!

  2. Poor Henry! I know what you mean though - I have a Dyson now and can't believe all the crap it picks up! I could make another cat with all that dang fur!

  3. Henry lasted a week and then my British Spec Dyson arrived. Best purchase ever made!!