Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ladies of Leisure Tea Party

Yesterday kicked off what I hope will become a fun new tradition.  My friends Jess and Rachel and I got together for a little tea party at Jess's new house.  I made scones, Rachel made brownies and Jess had both tea and Prosecco.  That alone would have been awesome.  But, Jess's new dining room chairs had just been delivered by IKEA, so Rachel and I thought it would be fun to put them together.  She and I have some experience in this area, since we built my couch.

We had a great time and felt really productive!  And, since Jess's husband had no idea that she'd be tackling these without him, it was fun to get them all done before he got home.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, but we put together six of these Henriksdals.

Since we're all new to the area and are still getting settled in our houses, we each have a bunch of different projects we need to be working on.  Wouldn't it be more fun to do these projects with friends and bubbly?  Why, yes.  Yes, it would.  So next week we're at my house working on a kitchen table project.  Stay tuned for details!

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