Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cruising Around Cornwall

Our next day in Cornwall was spent exploring some of the beach towns and the Minack Theatre. Situated 15 minutes from an adorable little town called Mousehole (pronounced Mowzel) and overlooking the stunning Porthcurno Bay, Minack Theatre is Cornwall's most famous open-air theater.


Porthcurno Bay

The theater has a really cool history. It was built and financed by one woman, Rowena Cade. She literally built the theater with her own two hands. Click here to read the whole story.

Minack Theater

The theater is impressive, but what is most impressive is the view. My favorite part of the visit was sipping a hot chocolate while looking at this:

I didn't know water in England could be that turquoise. I absolutely love it! After a quick visit to the beach--Zoey's first sandy beach!--we made our way to Land's End.

Land's End was a total disappointment. I was excited to see the "end of the world," but it has turned into a total tourist trap. You have to pay to get in and then pay to get your picture taken with the famous sign. All around are touristy shops selling the usual garbage. And the view was not any better than what we saw at the theater. I would definitely not recommend taking a special trip to see it.

Far less disappointing was St. Ives. Though it is a little commercial, I liked the feel of this beach town a lot. We had a fun meal at Portmeor Cafe and a delicious cream tea at The Tea Room. The cafe had a great view overlooking the water. The tapas were pretty small, but my "roasted beetroot, green beans, feta, toasted seeds, and soft herb salad" was very filling. And the tea at the Tea Room was one of the best cups I've had in a while. Almost as good as Betty's. :) Zoey even had a nice nap while Dan and I relaxed.

Another successful day in Cornwall!

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