Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Waterfalls and Castles

On day three of our epic drive through south England we visited Docton Mill Gardens. The only reason we stopped here is because Tripadvisor lists the tea house in the Gardens as serving the best cream tea in Devon. Since Devon is known for its cream teas, we couldn't possibly pass up this opportunity. You know what? The cream tea was pretty darn good. The jam wasn't as good as yesterday's whortleberry, but the scone itself was flaky, warm and so delicious.

What surprised me, though, was how much I enjoyed the gardens and surrounding area. We took a hike to the coastal waterfall--wow! What a sight! I loved the dramatic sheer cliffs and the gorgeous turquoise water. It helped that we had incredible weather.

Next we made the long drive down to Penzance where we were staying for the night. We stopped at St. Michael's Mount first though. This tidal island is so cool. To get to the castle, you either have to use a boat during high tide, or walk across the causeway during low tide. We went about an hour before the tide was due to come in. It was fun seeing the water slowly covering the path.

People actually live on the mount. It is mostly people involved in caring for the property, but there are several families including small children. We spoke with a caretaker who told us that when the water is rough the children don't have to go to school. Can you imagine?

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