Friday, February 28, 2014

Dear Zahara: 8 Months

Dear Zahara,

Happy 8 month birthday! What a great month this was. I know I keep saying it, but each month you are getting to be more fun! I think this is my favorite age so far now that we can really interact. You love clapping along to music, though you haven't quite perfected the technique. We also play peek-a-boo. You pull the scarf off your head or mine, and your expression of pure delight is often the highlight of my day.

You are a crawling wiz now. You especially love crawling to the cat bed, though we keep telling you that's not for you. You understand the word "no," even if you don't always listen. Not only are you crawling, but you can pull up to stand. So far, you've only used my hands to pull up, but it's only a matter of time before you're using the couch and table. Once you're standing, you take a few steps, making mummy and daddy worried that you'll be walking soon!

You talk non-stop now. No real words yet, but daddy was extra excited to hear you say dada. You sure have a lot to say! I guess you take after your mummy :)

Mealtimes are fun. We eat breakfast and lunch together most days. You definitely prefer big pieces of food to purees. We regularly eat egg whites; carrot sticks; cheese; and bread and butter. You absolutely loved chicken and salmon. You basically eat anything that mummy and daddy eat too. So far you haven't shown a strong disliking to anything. That's our girl!

This month we also tried our first babysitting experience. It was not successful. Our friend Lena generously agreed to watch you one evening so we could go to our friend Deanna's birthday party. Deanna lives just around the corner and we only planned on staying out for a couple of hours at most. You were already asleep when Lena came, so we thought it would be easy. Unfortunately, you had other ideas. Ten minutes after we left, you were up and very unhappy. Lena couldn't get you to calm back down, so after an hour we came back. It turns out that you were teething and had a cold. No wonder you were so unhappy!

Luckily, you are generally happy, even when you're not feeling well. You get cuter and cuter by the minute. Thanks for being such a joy! We love you!

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  1. Happy Birthday to my favorite granddaughter. Eight months and growing like a weed.By the time we see you in Paris next month you might be walking. See you soon.