Thursday, May 22, 2014

Baby Led Weaning: Fish Cakes

 Zahara has always been a good eater, but as she grows, we can barely keep up with her appetite! She is eating three meals a day now with some snacks in between, and is still breastfeeding. Though she's eating bite-sized portions, I still find myself struggling to make a variety of healthy and interesting foods for her. Thank-goodness for Pinterest.

I've mentioned before that we're doing the baby-led weaning approach. It is working really well for us. I love that I can give Zoey a little bit of whatever we're eating when we travel or are eating out. At home we still share vegetables, meat, fish, pasta, etc., but I often cook things just for her too. Here is one of our current favorites: fish cakes.

It's made with canned tuna fish and hummus and is ready in a couple of minutes. It is so easy and cheap! It makes quite a few cakes, so I put half in the fridge and freeze the rest for another time. These are so good I find myself sneaking a bite or two.

Fish Cakes
Original recipe from here

  • 12 tablespoons hummus (store bought, or home-made)
  • 12 tablespoons canned tuna
  • cilantro, basil or any herb
  • 8 teaspoons flour (give-or-take a teaspoon)
  • pinch of black pepper
  • dash of lemon juice

  • Add equal amounts hummus and tuna to a bowl. (One can of tuna is around 12 tablespoons)
  • Chop herbs and add to bowl. Add a pinch of pepper and a dash of lemon juice.
  • Add flour, a few teaspoons at a time, and mix thoroughly. Add enough flour to make a thick paste.
  • Heat oil in a large skillet. Form small patties and fry on medium heat in batches. Try not to crowd the pan.
  • Cook until lightly brown on both sides.

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  1. I am sorry, but just whose house did you grow up in? Hot tuna fish, never served here!
    I guess we willl need to spend more time with my little Zahara who is almost 1 year old. WOW how time flies.
    PoP Pop