Thursday, May 15, 2014

Packing for a Baby

It's no secret that Dan and I love traveling, and we're bringing Zahara along for the ride. Thankfully, she's a great traveler and really enjoys seeing new places and meeting new people. She's one of the most social babies I've ever seen!

Making friends in Istanbul

We are often asked for tips and tricks about traveling with a baby. It's actually not so bad. It is definitely different from traveling pre-baby, when you could just pop in some headphones and watch a movie on the plane. Flights aren't as relaxing, and packing takes a bit more time, but with a little preparation trips can still be low-stress and lots of fun.

Obviously, different trips require different items, but here are a few staples.

One Week Vacation Packing List:
7 short-sleeve onsies
7 shirts and pants/dresses
7 socks
4 pajamas
sleep sack
sun hat/winter hat
a headband

25-30 diapers (4/day)*
2 small muslins
nursing cover

1 book
1 toy (Captain Calamari is our favorite)

Ergobaby (baby carrier)
car seat (if needed)

Miscellaneous/Medicines: [small travel size]
baby Calpol (Tylenol)
diaper cream 
medical history
baby nail clippers


If we are traveling somewhere with a small kitchen, or at least a fridge, I'll often bring some cooked food for her. Easy options are roasted carrots, home-made broccoli muffins and clementines.

We rarely travel with our stroller any more. I find it much easier to navigate new cities with the baby carrier. My suitcase is almost always a large backpack. I can toss that on my back, Zahara on my front and I'm ready to go.

Usually hotels or apartments will have a travel cot for Zoey to sleep in. It usually works really well, but rarely Zahara will have to sleep in our bed with us.

This packing list has served us well so far; Zahara is on track to see 13 countries by the time she's a year old! What did I miss? Anything you can't travel without?

*If we are bringing a car seat, I can stash diapers in the car seat bag. If we aren't bringing a car seat, I'll buy diapers when I get to my destination. It is cheaper than checking a bag.

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