Sunday, May 11, 2014

My First Mother's Day

Once again Dan proved that he is the world's best husband. Today he went above and beyond to celebrate my first Mother's Day*.

Dan took Zahara in the morning while I relaxed in bed. Then he made me an outstanding breakfast of eggs benedict with smoked salmon; french toast; and a berry salad. 

He bought me fresh flowers and gave me a gift card to the Turkish Baths in town! I feel like I won the husband lottery. 

So, that's how we celebrated my first mother's day. Not too, bad, right? A girl could get used to this.

*Technically I kind of celebrated British Mother's Day, though Dan made it clear that it was not "our" holiday. 

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  1. Dan is a credit to his parents for his incredible husband and daddy skills! I am so happy that you get to have as great a husband as I do. Love Mom