Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dear Zahara: 17 Months

Dear Zahara,

You are so full of personality and sass it makes my heart swell with pride. You have definite opinions on everything--what book to read, what to eat for dinner, when to take a bath. In fact, you went on a bit of a strike this month arching your back and climbing up me like a spider monkey every night at bath time. We gave up baths for a couple of days and, thankfully, you suddenly decided baths are fine again. Though frustrating at times, it is really amazing to see you assert yourself with a simple "yup" or "nope" depending on your mood.

We had a lot of adventures this month from our visit to Indiana to see my college roommates and their kids, to our time in Florida with babushka and dedushka. You did great, even though you suffered through your first ear infection. We caught it pretty early and we were able to get you on meds while in Indiana, but you caught another one a few weeks later. It was terrible. You had to sleep in your car seat because you couldn't lay down without being in pain. Daddy and I were so sad for you.

With Aunt Katie and Austin

Happily, even when you're sick, you are so full of life. You've gotten really in to painting and coloring this month. You were only so-so on it when we tried to paint the Halloween pumpkin, but you got really in to painting in Florida when you "painted" mummy and daddy with sunscreen before going to the beach. We color every day now, and we even went to a paint-your-own-pottery place with Aunt Amy.

Happy 17 months, Zoey. We love you!

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