Monday, November 3, 2014


While we were in England, there was a huge baby boom amongst our neighbors, and now there are tons of kids right around Zahara's age. It's amazing!

This Halloween we all gathered for a neighborhood potluck before trick-or-treating. Dan made a fun snake calzone with green food coloring. I love how it turned out, and it tasted great!

Zahara was a fairy princess in the morning for day care, but it was a little too chilly at night for that costume. Thankfully we had a second hand-me-down costume at the ready--a purple Pegasus.

After the poluck, Dan went back to the house to hand out candy to the kids and Z and I went trick-or-treating. She loved walking to the houses and knocking on the doors. We only made it about five houses before she tired out. It was absolutely adorable though.

And best of all, Dan and I got to eat the candy! Win-win!

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