Monday, March 2, 2015

Dear Zahara: 20 Months

Dear Zahara,

Happy 20 months! What fun we've had! Your imagination and thirst to interact with the world astound us. A favorite game of ours now is to play shop where I pretend to be a customer at your store. You'll tell me what you sell--apples, bananas and bread, for example--and I'll ask to buy them. Sometimes you'll sell them to me, but sometimes you crack us up by saying, "no, gone." Apparently your store is in communist Russia. Or maybe in DC during a snow storm.

You also love to cook. We have a step stool that you love dragging out of the pantry and pushing to the counter. You climb the stairs and "help" me cut by holding my hand while we chop. Shaking spices into a bowl, pouring that bowl into a pot and then stirring the pot is one of your favorite activities.

Another example of your amazing imagination is your new "ship." We had a large cardboard pallet from our last trip to Costco sitting out for recycling. You pulled it into the living room, climbed inside and declared that it was a ship. We drew windows on the inside and you narrated what you saw through them: fish, turtles and water. So clever!

Painting Valentine's cards

I know I'm just bragging now, but it's my right as a parent to do so. You can count to 10! It is so fun to listen to you count everything. And, you know a lot of your letters too. The other day we were walking in a parking garage and you stopped and pointed out an "O" and a "P." They were spelling out the word "stop" on the ground.

Not only do you have an ever-increasing vocabulary, but you are starting to form two- and three-word sentences more frequently. You really have the imperative command down: get up, sit down, find me, have it... You're pretty bossy, actually. Who can refuse you when you're so darn cute though?

You are just an absolute joy and we love watching you grow into such a funny, smart and engaging toddler. Happy 20-months!

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  1. So love reading your blogs and seeing Zahara grow, soon she will be doing full sentences and starting school, cherish every minute they all grow up far too quickly