Tuesday, March 17, 2015

First Time on the Ice

We celebrated our neighbor's fifth birthday this weekend with Zahara's first trip to the ice skating rink. Once again, her natural daredevil attitude took over and she showed no fear. She LOVED it! 

Dan and I were more nervous than she was. We haven't been skating in years and we were a little unsteady on our feet. Zahara did great though. She was laughing and saying "more ice skating!" over and over. It was a real struggle to get her off the ice.

She couldn't quite skate on her own yet, but I think if we went back a few more times she would be zooming around the rink. We saw a few kids her age who were in the middle of a lesson. It is so awesome to see what kids can do. Without question they were better than I am.

This was also Zahara's first big-kid birthday party. We've made the rounds last year for all of the first birthdays, but this was the first with lots of big kids. As a special treat, we let Zahara have some pizza and cake. Who is surprised that she loves it? Oh right, no one.

What a fun day! I love my fearless baby!


  1. She's already showing us all what a zest for life looks like!

  2. Fantastic, at that age there is no fear, so glad you are all having such fun, keep the blogs coming we love hearing what you are up to
    Pam &carl

  3. Thanks Karen and Pam! If she's this fearless at 20 months, can you imagine her as a teenager? I can't wait for all of our adventures!