Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Try The World

I came across an interesting ad on my Facebook page the other day. I don't usually pay much attention to them, but this one stuck out. It was for a company called Try the World. Have you heard of it before?

Try the World is a subscription service in which the customer receives a new box every two months filled with culinary delights from specific location. For example, one month is Paris, and you may get macarons, Dijon mustard and salted caramels. The Venice box may contain truffle oil and limoncello bars. Each box also has movie and music recommendations, as well as a card with product descriptions and culture factoids.


I love this idea because it combines two of my favorite things: eating and traveling. One of the first things that Dan and I always do when in a new country is check out grocery stores and farmers markets. It is fun discovering new products (Speculoos spread!) or even familiar products marketed in a completely new way (green tea KitKats).


A really fun way to use this subscription would be to host a bi-monthly themed party with music, drinks, and whatever is in the box. I am tempted to try this subscription, but a few things are holding me back. Firstly, it is pretty expensive at $39 per box. Secondly, you can't customize the boxes for dietary restrictions or allergies. I would hate to pay that much money only to find I can't eat three of the seven items. And finally, the reviews haven't been great. People who received the boxes for free seem to have gotten much better, and faster service than the general public. The company is fairly new, so maybe I'll let them work out some of their growing pains before diving in.

I do think it's a promising idea though and could be a fun gift for someone who loves to eat and travel (hint, hint). What do you think? Have you heard of Try the World? Have you done anything similar? Let me know!

Company: Try the World
Cost: $39/month, every 2 months
Product: Includes 7-10 locally made/grown gourmet treats as well as cultural information and recommendations

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