Friday, February 5, 2016

Things I Love: Skechers Snow Boots

As you know, we were hit with a huge snow storm (Snowzilla!). I had a terrible realization two days before the storm that I had no appropriate shoes to wear in the snow. All I had were sneakers or leather boots. Neither of which are good options for more than 2 feet of snow. So I turned to my best friend Amazon to find some good boots.

Dan and I signed up for a 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, and it really, really came in handy. I ordered these Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk City Winter Boots. It said they would arrive on Monday, which was just after the storm. Since it was Wednesday night when I ordered them, I couldn't realistically expect them to arrive any sooner than that.

But...the most amazing thing happened! I got a notice on Friday morning that my boots had arrived at the post office for sorting. The storm was scheduled to start around 1 pm, so I wanted to get my boots before then. My mail is not usually delivered until the end of the day, so I knew I couldn't wait for the postal truck to come to me.

I called the post office right away to ask if I could pick up my package before it went out for delivery. I was too late. It was already on the truck. So then I asked if they could tell me where the truck is and I'll go find it--on foot.

I'll let the story unfold through my Facebook posts:

At this point I've called the post office 2 more times and told them I'd come to them at 2:30 when the delivery trucks were scheduled to come back to the warehouse. Now, the depot is only a couple of blocks from me, but the snow had already started and remember, I don't have any snow boots. I was willing to go in my sneakers, but I didn't have very high hopes this was going to work out. And then...

That's right! I opened my front door and there they were! The USPS and Amazon Prime did it!! I got my boots just in time for the storm. And you know what? They are awesome! These boots are so comfortable and warm. I LOVE them!

All's well that ends well. #happyfeet #warmfeet #snowzilla

P.S. I have not been compensated for any part of this post. I just am really happy with how everything turned out and wanted to share it with you.

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