Monday, August 1, 2016

This Month's Thoughts by Z

Here is the latest installment from my hilarious little three-year-old.

Thought 1:
When staying at our friend Dani's' house for the night:
Bernadette: babbling
Z: What's she saying?
Dani: Sometimes Bernadette is talking and I don't know what's she's saying.
Z: Sometimes my mum is talking and I don't know what she's saying.

Thought 2: 
Me: One day, you can be an astronaut and visit space.
Z: No, I want to be an astronomy teacher and teach about space.

Thought 3: 
Z (after attending our friends' daughter's baptism): When I'm bigger, can I go to church and get a lollipop?

Thought 4: 
Z to mummy: Your hair is so pretty. You look like a princess.

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